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Staffing and hiring has been forever changed since the pandemic in 2020. If your organization is struggling to find candidates, get in touch with our recruiters today!

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Looking Back: Staffing Lessons Learned Since 2020

If you’ve felt like you’ve been living in a labor ghost town, you’re not alone. More than 47 million people have quit their jobs since COVID. But there is still a massive labor shortage when it comes to finding talent. 

These are just a few of the trends affecting us since COVID. How have these and other changes affected your ability to find talent? How are staffing companies copies in the era of the Great Resignation? Here are some of the talent acquisition lessons we’ve learned since 2020.

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Work with a Recruiter to Get Hired Faster This Year

There is not a single job candidate out there that enjoys the job search. The hours you spend working on a resume and submitting it to an online application are hard enough, but it’s like throwing your credentials down a bottomless well. This is probably why 56% of job seekers find looking for a job very stressful, and 55% say they struggle even to find the time to look for work.

What if we told you all these issues could be alleviated by finding a good recruiter to help you get hired? Here’s what a good recruiter can do for your job search in 2023.

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